If you choose to share please advise your waiter in what order you would like your dishes served & how many you would like at a time.

Flamiche 80
Country style pizza with confit onions, pickled onions, comte cheese cream and horse radish.
Bread course  60
Traditional steamed bread (Dombolo) with a gravy dip.
Oysters  90
Fresh oysters, watercress and smoked beef fat.
Seabass ceviche  90
Seabass ceviche, onion soubise and grilled onions.
Cabbage 80
Grilled cabbage with mussel powder, apples and miso mayo.
Mushroom escabeche 90
Marinated mushrooms with ricotta cheese and radishes.
Crispy Calamari  100
Deep fried calamari, shaved and grilled cauliflower, ham and grapes.
Marabi mussels  110
Mussels cooked in black label beer, ginger and dill oil served with toast.
KFQ  90
Deep fried quail, kimchi slaw, Japanese mayo and salsa verde or chimichuri.
Chicken and Leeks 120
Grilled chicken thighs, braised leeks and chili BBQ sauce.
Sunday roast  145
Beef rib eye, bay leaf poached potatoes, green beans, brown butter emulsion and rocket.
Peaches  80
Roasted peaches, yoghurt parfait with olive oil sponge.
Churros 80
Churros with why caramel and salted caramel.
Panna Cotta  95
Chocolate and pumpkin layered panna cotta with pomelo curd and snickerdoodle.